Apr 27, 2010

ga-ga over this guy....

Who wouldn't be smitten with a blue and furry guy that wears a cape?

Personally, I am ga ga over him and this party put together by, no other then Kristy, the Head Pug herself! Go ahead and be amazed at all the heroic details.

This is but a glimpse to the party. You must visit the Purple Pug to get the full load down. Trust me, ther is lots more!

If party planners were like super heroes I bet Kristy would have the shiniest of capes! One guess as to what color it would be?

Hey Kristy, could I audition for the sidekick role...or is that going to the Pug?


maribeth said...

too cute!

The Purple Pug said...

Thanks for the fabulous, furry feature:) You are beyond amazing yourself and I adore your work and blog.

You KNOW what color my cape would be:)

kim said...

what a cute party! love it!

malia said...

wow i love this party idea and i think your blog is adorable. i'm your newest follower... hope you'll visit me if you have a chance.

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