Apr 22, 2010

First Grade Humor

We had open house at the princess' school today. She is in Kindergarten and was SO EXCITED for this. She has been counting the days all week!

We visited with some parents, chatted with a few teachers and then made our way to the potential first grade classrooms to take a looksy at what is to be of us next school year.

On our last class room visit, I came across a big display of dioramas. A cute and very outspoken little first grader started chatting us up. She was really sweet. Told us about her diorama, all the animals she chose for it and so forth. A few steps away, stood a lady with a young child looking at what at first glance, appeared to be a small cage of some sort.

So, being the curious person that I am, asked my new little friend-
"... is that the class pet?"

She looked over at the table, paused for a second, and responded with "nope, that is just my little sister".

I about died! Her mom, very sweetly explained "no honey, she was talking about the mouse" and laughed along.

Too much!

1 comment:

KDC Events said...

I have a first grader, and that is exactly what he would have said too!

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