Apr 25, 2010

Feature de jour

note to self-if I spoke French, perhaps this post may have been easier to write.

I came across Erika's blog a couple weeks ago. The thought and originality for her parties floored me. Her style is just incredible! I am not over exaggerating. All truthing here!
Take a look.

Sweet invitations. Honestly, I probably would have taken the easy road and done a cute Passport, but the souvenirs ideas is so much more darling!
Doesn't everybody screen paint sweet little hankies for their guests?

I know right?! I feel like such a terrible host.

note to self- I gotta step it up!

Fun photo shoot at the party.

The kids made their own souvenir and key chains with ribbons and mini Eiffel towers and macaroons. This idea I am definitely going to have to try out. So can you!

To see more of this party, please visit the Miko blog and be sure to check out her circus party with her daughter silhouette as a trapeze artist and her gorgeous Frida Kahlo Party .. eso si que fue una fiesata divina!
note to self-I speak Spanish..why didn't I feature the Frida Kahlo party????

images via Miko Design

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KDC Events said...

LOVE the photo shoot set up! Super cute ideas =)

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