Apr 5, 2010

No way! I am supposed to be Vintage Barbie!

So I was on Facebook (FB) recently doing all those silly quizes where you answer a few questions and all of a sudden you know what kind of movie is your life or who your perfect mate is. Well, I took the "what Barbie are you quiz". If you haven't noticed I am a bit of a fan

This is what I got:

Natalie took the What Barbie Doll are you? quiz and the result is Goodie 2 Shoes Barbie
you are cute, smug and always right. you are even right that this result is definitely NOT you, this quiz is a waste of time, and you are the most likely to post a response on the quiz page stating that fact. you don't spend too much, don't drink too much, don't swear too much and are NEVER out of control. everything is PERFECT, really...except that you constantly make your friends and your men feel inadequate by your critical, goodie-2-shoes nature. lighten up, ok?

No way!
This is so untrue. I am Vintage Barbie!!! I HAVE to be. Okay, maybe there is a little truth to the goodie 2 shoes thing but who are they kidding by claiming these tests are freakishly accurate?
Anyway, I also took some other quiz's and have learned that:
  • My Life is like The Notebook (that one makes me kind of sad)
  • I was Royalty in a past Life (sure I was!)
  • My Cowboy Name is " Wynonna The -Stallion Raintree (what else could it be?)
  • My perfect mate is Ambitious and Driven. (yeah...no comment!)
  • If I was Liquor I would be Grey Goose Vodka. BTW this makes me: simple, elegant, and inviting.
  • I shine in group situations, but my true area to shine is an intimate, one-on-one setting..(Hmmm Okay. if you say so! )
  • Oh Yeah and I have a VERY old Soul!
You gotta love FB.
Anyway, I thought I would share my earth shattering news. I know it changes everything , right?
For me too :)
Okay y'all have a Fab Day..I am going back to FB...I REALLY need to "find" myself!

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