May 25, 2009



My son will be 3 this years but I am thinking this theme might be fun for his 4th. Now I know the correct term is "fore" but I think it would be funny anyway.

My son goes to the driving range with his dad and owns his own set of irons. His little golf bag sits next to daddy's. On Sunday morning I tell him Dad went to "work" while he is actually at the course but it saves me from the tears and the heartbreak me it is HEARTBREAK! He absolutely LOVES golf and will actually sit and watch tournaments with his dad.
As for me, well I am a TERRIBLE golfer and my little Tiger already has a better swing then me and by "better" I mean he hits the golf ball every time he swings. If you haven't tried me it is A LOT harder than it looks.

Anyways, I think it would be a fun theme to develop (I have some time). I am thinking a Tourney and a clubhouse...maybe I can even have a little Green Jackets made!
Wha do ya' say??

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casey aubut said...

Ooh! My son does that same thing- and he is only 2.5yrs! I am definately going to be keeping tabs on you to see what you do with this- great idea!

Not just a Mommy! said...

Oh, perfect! A few years ago, Martha Stewart Kids had a golfing party... to Martha, some of her ideas are over the top, but they can always be pared down.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Hi Natalie!

We had a golf party for my son's 9th birthday (it was the FRONT 9). I had Putt-2-Go set up mini golf in our backyard. I gave the kids golf hats and medals. Let me know if you want to see the slideshow!

bketler said...

I had a golf theme for my little golfer girl for her 4 year party! It was a blast and something different! Especially for girls! I was going to feature it on my blog soon as a great summer party! I will let you know when it is up! Can't wait to see what you do too! I know it will be awesome!

amy * stem * said...

You MUST do this next year! Green jackets....I'm dying. So cute.

Girlfrog said...

Love the idea! There are so many things you could do! The party that Martha Stewart featured did have some really cute ideas. The green jackets would be fun!

Little Dickens Designs said...

That's a really cute party idea!

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