Jun 23, 2009

itz my birfday!!

Yes folks its my birthday. I am (long sigh) 34 today. Nothing special planned...work as usual! However, I may need to sneak a visit to a cupcake shop around the corner. Calories DON'T count on you birthday right?!

Here is a picture I wanted to share from about 32 years ago. This is my cousin Sergio's 2nd b-day I believe. That's me on the left with a HAND FULL of candy ( must have made out well at the Pinata) and yes I am trying to blow out my cousin's candles. My cousin and I were inseparable in our toddler years. He now lives in San Francisco and I don't get to see him much. So this picture made me smile today.

I know what you might be thinking.."Who is that sharply dressed young boy on the right?"

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lisalyn said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy those cupcakes...I'm sure that calories do not count on birthdays. :)

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Happy Birfday!!

Simply Creative Insanity said...

Happy birthday to you!

michelle said...

happy birthday!!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Happy Birthday! That's right! Calories do not count on your birthday :)

Brooke Meyenberg said...

Hope you had a FANTASTIC day! All the very best this coming year! Cheers! Brooke

Rachel said...

Candy in hand and staring at a cake. A future party planner in the making!

Happy belated!

icandy... said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
This place is too much fun!
Hugs! Christina :)

Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

Happy Birthday! Such a sweet picture!!!

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

Happy birthday lovely Natalie!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL one!

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