Feb 24, 2009

Little Tablescape Tuesday

Sure the tables might sometimes be a little shorter but they deserve just as much attention. So I will say it again, Little Tablescape Tuesday!

Anyone not to clear on what is a tablescape (yes there are some people that do not subscribe to Living or read the Hostess blog everyday) not too many, but a few and that would include my DH. So for the few and you too honey...it is a design plan, an overall look that addresses the entire table or surface as well as its surroundings. A good tablescape display can set the mood for the entire event. So YES folks it is an important part of any little shindig.

Try this one on for size...

This table was for a 9th B-day party and Edel was kind to let me now share with you. It's simple yet gorgeous and you gotta love the mushrooms.Go ahead...Be inspired.

To see more of this party please visit my new friend Edel from Courtier Events.

Like this new segment? Great, let me know.
Don't like this segment?...then tell me anyway and I promise to try harder.

Party on!

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Image and Fabulous Tablescape: Courtier Events


Frost said...

cute this would haev been a good idea for the party we were going to do!!! hahaha how was your weekend? mine was very busy and stressful (school and work you know) but blogging makes it all better hahah!!! :P

lisalyn said...

I've been looking around online at tablescapes for a long time. I rarely see LITTLE tablescapes so this was a real treat today. Thank you.
Keep finding them and posting them...k!! :)

tardevil said...

Love the tablescape. I don't know whether or not you know this, but Susan at Between Naps on the Porch hosts Tablescape Thursday (it use to be Tues.). Each week, about 50 +/- people post tablescapes. You can get to her blog from my right sidebar if you're interested in taking a look.

cari said...

so cute. love the mushrooms. . .thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Natalie. I would love to see more ideas for tables because I am sure to have more birthdays for my kids.
I got a reqest for an underwater party for my other daughter so I have to get my brain working.
Love the blog too.

Cheers Edel

Innkeeper said...

love the mushrooms & the color scheme!

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