Feb 19, 2009

Vintage va-voom

Umm Hello? When did this happen and why didn't anyone tell me. It's like vintage va-voom with extra long satin strings?! Heavenly Hostess, I am in awe. First of all they are down right gorgeous, second of all from what I understand they are made with satins, embellished lace and organza fabrics, including beading and specialty trims. I mean, COME ON... they are prettier than some of my cocktail dresses!
I know you want one too. Sure they are fantastic for that cocktail party you'll be hosting soon but you know you are fabulous enough to rock the cupcake one at Juniors 5th b-day. Right?! Right.


lisalyn said...

Ohhh I like the black one with all the colorful trim (what's that stuff called?). So pretty.

michelle said...

Oh I love that first one! They could also be a fun shower gift.

maritessb said...

CUTE!!!!! I'd totally rock all of these! Esp the first one!

Frost said...

sooo these are the cutest thing ever i love it

Melissa said...

I am so excited you left a post on my blog! I love reading your blog :) These are totally adorable. My favorite is the black lace with the white satin bow!

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