Jul 1, 2010

Time to chime

I often get questions from readers. I would love to share this one with you! Please chime in..... one and all!


I would like some input....I remember as a girl (Brady Bunch and Giligan's Island days) being woken up for a come as you are party. I would like to host a modern twist on a great idea for my 11 year old daughter. Do you have any idea or suggestions? Thank you.


anybody out there have any ideas. we would love to hear from you......

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Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

How funny! I'm actually working on a Come As You Are inspiration board right now. =) I'll send it over when I finally finish the post.

Allyson/HBMomof2 said...

This question gave me an instant memory that was long forgotten! I remember mostly doing this with my church and it was so fun! Our parents knew it was happening, but we didn't. We were woken up and then we just put on a robe and slippers and someone drove us to the church hall and we would have a pancake breakfast. What fun we had and it was so unexpected. This would be so fun for my daughter's birthday as a surprise and then no one could bring gifts that she doesn't need. Wow, this took me back and got my wheels turning!

The Purple Pug said...

Never heard of this...My kids would love, I would hate..LOL!
Intriguing idea. Interested in hearing responses.

Jamee said...

my friends threw a kidnapping for our little group. they rang the doorbell at 7:30/8 my husband knew what was going on even though i did not. we picked up a few more ladies did some chinese firedrills and donuts and headed over to a friends house for brunch. lots of fun.

Jules said...

Great responses...so far my plan is surprising my own daughter at 05:30, arriving at each girls house just after that (with parent prep of course), head back to my house, pausing for a picture in PJ's and bed heads! I'll serve a hearty breakfast then have the girls decorate frames to go home with the girls with the infamous morning picture! After that we'll brush teeth, change and head to a roller skating rink for a few hours...only thing missing is a pet rock!!! I'm excited!!

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