Nov 23, 2010

Got your tickets?

East Coast- West Coast Challenge

We have been researching the auction entry fees and final value fees and, after some serious deliberation and "careful calculations" we realize that we have a better opportunity to raise money (AKA..not pay fees to EBAY) by turning this into a raffle instead on an auction. We also feel that this will allow more folks the opportunity to win a partyscape.

WE WILL BE RAFFLING OFF THE COMPLETED TABLESCAPES. Raffle tickets will go for $10/entry. Our goal is to sell at least 100 tickets.

You can enter by donating in $10 increments on any of the donation links on the CPN.
Item descriptions and values of the tablescapes will be posted very soon.
All money collected will go for shipping costs to the winner and everything else goes directly to Project Night Night. many tickets will you take?

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The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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