Nov 24, 2010

The Birthday Fairy was already taken

Naming a business is a whole lotta work. I struggled over mine for a few weeks. I had lists I tell you! Some genius and some not so genius names. A lot of names...already taken.

The Birthday Fairy-Taken
Party Plan-it-Taken
Best Children's Party Planner Ever-Taken

Just kidding on that last one. I couldn't resist. Anyway, I wanted mine to be a reflection of my style but stills say PARTY. Most people "get it" when I share with them my business name. They smile and usually saw "awww" (as if they were admiring cute little puppies). I take it as a sign that they like it or have NO idea what a shindig is.

However, what I still haven't been able to come up with is a good tag line. The funny part is, I happen to think I am pretty good with words (not spelling them...just putting them together). Like..I came up with "Curl up and Dive" for my Bro-in laws Dive shop and my old personal blog "Mommy likes to Party". Okay, mixed results on that last one.
Come's totally funny. P.S I am making t-shirts. Want one?

My favorite, to the this day is our tag line for the party people, for the party people. Okay, I know that one, our founding fathers sorta came up with the idea but I TOTALLY put the "party" in between the "the" and the "people".
You're welcome:)

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If you have a blog or shop...I would love to hear how you came up with the name. So totally curious. Please share.

If you are  currently considering starting a business, take a look at this short article I found via The Wall Street Journal.


Jenny Beth said...

hi! i am a new follower and wanted to answer your question. in september 09 i started an applique business and jewelry line. I knew the name had to reflect me and people could see me with that "alias" name. I have always loved Lilly pulitzer thus anything bright and preppy. I also greatly adore peonies. I was struggling with what to call my small business and before i even realized it the name preppie peonie was born. I searched the web feversihly to see if this already existed and it DIDNT... It will come to you!! dont worry.

-jenny beth
find me @ and

Dandy Delights said...

Well, since my last name is Dandy, I had to use it in my business name. You can't have a fun last name like that and not use it when you have a fun business like custom decorated cookies! So that's how we came up with Dandy Delights, Custom Cookie Creations (I like alliteration!).

Maria said...

Hi! I'm a wedding/event coordinator in MN and I came up with my name kind of on a whim. I saw the word Ispiri one day in a paper and I just loved the word! Later as I looked it up, I found that it means, "to inspire" in Italian. Being half Italian and loving inspirations, I decided to name my company Ispiri Events. "We combine your inspirations with our expertise." I love that our company is based on inspirations.

Thanks for this fun post!

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