Aug 26, 2010

Bonnet Girls {question of the day}

Have you come across those darling Pioneer and American Girl parties being featured on party blogs lately?

I love the know getting back to basics.
Well sort of, I don't think Melissa Gilbert's character ever got a party so fabulous and those were the days before candy buffet's right?

Anyway, my daughter is not into the American girls,YET, and I never really got into Little House on the Prairie.

I know, I know, many people grew up with that show and ADORE it but it always made me sort of sad for some reason.... and the openning credits with the girls taking forever to get down that hill! I always felt bad for the little one that fell EVERYTIME! But I digress.

I was checking out a new Magazine Family Canada and found some fun stuff I thought I would share just in case anyone out there is planning  a Party at the Prairie. ( BTW follow this link for the DIY)

cloth goody bags couldn't be sweeter
fabric bunting is essential
and I know you  are loving these fabric wrappers.
 You know those Pioneers didn't have label makers back then!
Love this idea...hope I can use it someday for my own little Bonnet party.

 I gotta tell you though...Holly is more my style!
and who is your favorite girl in a bonnet?

images via Family Canada
Holly via sqidoo


Where My Heart Is said...

I haven't seen the pioneer theme before but vintage inspired parties are big. I have just styled one for my daughters Sweet 16. Lots of fun. I think the wedding trends definitely are influencing the party scene - which is great. It is nice to see some more original ideas - how many fairy and princess parties can one look at?

Cheyenne said...

Being a girl from smack on the prairies...I love this! We've been to a few weddings with a simpler theme like this....and it always stirs my heart.

The Lewis's said...

i am loving the recent pioneer parties (i actually remember my mom doing one in the 80's, but she was before all the trends and really set the stage for me and my family)- kirsten is near and dear to my heart being blonde haired (well, blonde highlights at least these days) and blue eyed. i hope one day my daughter will treasure my american girl things, but she's so destructive now i can't imagine it happening.

i looked over your last few posts since i've been out of the loop for a while and as always am inspired. i can't wait to see what you do with a yogi bear theme. i agree, something with a twist is always so much better.

they should definitely eat a picnic lunch (maybe even have an activity "stealing" the picnic basket to get the lunch?)

lovetheday said...

How did you know!?! I really am dying over the fabric wrapped bottles. Love them.

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