Aug 13, 2010

Favorites Friday

Trying something new here. I just want to share some favorites, some finds, some fun. You may have already come across it and you may have not but to me they are my favorites this week!

Favorite Invites

see more here fron Jennifer Birkhard


Favorite Party

Hudsons 2nd birthday...see more here from Jenny Cookies.


Favorite How To

Pretzel Crayons

a Printable and how to via Parties by Hardie

That wraps up my favotites for this week. Hope at least one is new to you and I really hope you will share one of your favorites this week so I can go check it out! Who knows...maybe it will be one of my favorites next Friday.

Enjoy your weekend!


The Purple Pug said...

Totally adore that Sesame Street Party.

Party Box Design said...

loooove that party!


Love the pretzel crayon idea. I will have to use it for our toy story Bday party this December

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The Challenge is on
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