Aug 3, 2010

Sew Nostalgic

Can anything be sweeter?
This is just so nostalgic for me. My mom who happened to be a professional seamstress introduced paper dolls to me at a very young age. She also made my sister and I clothes when we were young and you can imagine how fabulous our costumes were on Halloween. Of course that was back when kids had those horrible plastic ones with the masks as retail options.
I came across Oliver + S and felt a need to share.
Have a great day Dolls!

vinatge print unknown, images via Oliver +S

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Debbie said...

I just adore paper dolls and retro illustrations too, Natalie! Thanks for sharing this and all of the other wonderful things on your blog! I always find tons of inspiration on your site and since you are a fabulous hard working mommy blogger, I wanted you to know that I have a "Hard Working Mommy Blogger Award" for you at my blog today! - Deb

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