Sep 6, 2011

The little straw...

This may be the hardest entry EVER!

I have officially closed shop. (heart breaking)
Yup, Little Shindigs is no more.

As much as I have tried to juggle everything, CPN, and The Knock-Knock Factory have finally trumped Little Shindigs.

I tried so hard to make it work but considering I haven't blogged since we announced the Fiesta we hosted for CPN, I doubt anyone would believe me.

I will be dedicating all my efforts to my etsy shop- The Knock-Knock Factory and to growing CPN. I have every intention of blogging again (someday) in a different capacity and will be back to let you know when that happens. I will keep the blog open bc I cant bare to see it REALLY go away, hope you will understand. (sobbing)

If you would like to stay in can follow me here. Hope you will.

1 comment:

Tini Posh said...

I am sad..I will miss the blog : ( No one else has your funny sense of humor and clever entries : ( What will I do till you come back..oh YEAH..stalk you over on your Knock Knock Facebook or CPN..ok I feel better now : ) All kidding aside..sending lots of hugs and wishig you nothing but success! I can't wait to see the BIG changes that are coming your way..XOXO! Tu amiga..La Claudia

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