Oct 3, 2008


Found these capes at superflykidz's on Etsy and thought I would share. Oh how things have changed. Who wore a towel for a cape as a kid (raising my hand)?

My kids don't need Halloween to dress up in costume, it is actually a regular day occurrence. So in an effort to save some towels we might just have to get a couple. Don't you think they would make awesome party favors for a superhero shindig or maybe a great x-mas gift. I have my eye on the pink one with the crown....I might even let my daughter borrow it ;)


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I was all about the towel! The towel with the hairband wrapped around the ends to keep it on. Oh, and I accented it with shower curtain ring bracelets. Gotta keep it girly. =)

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

i used my baby blanket :)

and it was a skirt around my waist, before i started spinning and spinning around. as i spun it would become...what else, but wonder woman's cape! ah, those were the days.

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