Nov 30, 2008

Santa Baby..

My little brother Andy and my best friend Chris both happen to be Santa babies and by that I mean they were both born in the month of December. A month consumed with Holiday parties, shopping and all things Merry. I don't doubt that they might at one point rather have there birthday parties in the middle of July! So in honor of my kid brother and BFF I have compiled a short list of Birthday themes that I believe would do well in the big month of December.

  1. Train Engines (Holiday Express)
  2. Toy Soldiers (the red, black and white ones with pink cheeks...not so much the little green ones)
  3. A Penguin Party ( a la Happy Feet?)
  4. A Winter wonderland
  5. Snow Fairy
  6. Snow Princess
  7. A Who's B-Day and yes you should invite the Grinch!
  8. Gingerbread Decorating Party ( a la Hansel and Gretal)
  9. Willi Wonka
  10. and my all time favorite ....A Candyland Adventure

Now these ideas can simply be inspiration for decor or can be full blown theme birthday parties. It is just a short list to get the wheels turning. If you have a suggestion for the list, I do hope you will share.

As for the Santa babies in my life...Happy Birthday Guys, I love you! You know me, I will always be up for a birthday party no matter what time of the year. Hey I just had a thought...if you prefer a birthday party in July we can make it a "Christmas in July" party....or not.


abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

fabulous ideas as usual natalie!

Anonymous said...

Hi! thank you for your blog! My Lollishop should be opening soon!

Rachel said...

As a Dec baby, I have to say I never had as cool party themes as these! I love the Candyland Adventure! You could make gingerbread houses and decorate with candy from Candyland. Think this will work for my 30th? ;)

Natalie-Little Shindigs said...

Absalutely! Just plan on offering plenty of cocktails...maybe "Candy Apple Martinis ...and how about some Lemon gum drop shots :)

did I ever mention I use to bartend?

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