Dec 2, 2008

Gingerbread Jamborree

Just a little inspiration for a fantastic gingerbread decorating party. Lot's of fun stuff out there to include in your next little shindig. From colorful rolling pins to adorable gift tags. If you are not much of baker (like me) then check with your local bakeries and craft stores, many stores now carry gingerbread ready to decorate and some even offer full kits with gum drops, icing and all.

I will be attempting a little VIP gingerbread party at home myself and have enlisted my two little candy enthusiast and hope to share some sweet pictures very soon.

gingerbread cookie
gingerbread gift tags
gingerbread cottage play set
ginger bread house gift bag
decorated gingerbread house
rolling pins and little chef attire
sweet roll of stickers
gum drops


tardevil said...

Hi, I'm going to try to find the baby shower you left for me. I actually found it later. The person giving the party actually got their inspiration from the website you listed. Here's the link:
Don't know whether or not you follow Susan's (from Between Naps on the Porch) Tablescape Tuesday, but if you don't & didn't see Miss Janice's gingerbread man/woman table yesterday, you should take a look! It was too cute.

tangarang said...

darling! can't wait to see the party!

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