Dec 4, 2008

prelude to a party-Candy Land

We are gearing up for a Candy Land Adventure. The invites are out and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. We made them in different colors. Here are a few:

the lollipops read...

Gum Drops
Sweets Galore
A Candy Land adventure is in store!
the back side included this message-
We don't want you to miss a lick...
please RSVP by...
No envelopes here. Guests will actually have to unwrap the pop to get all the sweet details.
All 30 invites ( yes 30KIDS have been invited) were hand delivered by a guy dressed up as Mr.Mint! Actually that's a lie (Mr.Mint didn't make the budget) but yes there are 30 kids invited.
The party takes place soon and I can't wait to share more details. Before then I would like to share one more picture just because it's kind of a funny story.
This is what I worked on Saturday...

He is not done yet but he will ultimately be one of our centerpieces. If you do not recognize him then let me introduce ; Our reader meet Gloppy , Gloppy this is our reader. Gloppy is one of the character in the Candy Land game.

When I was done molding him I showed my husband...he said oh' is that Jaba? No! I's
Gloppy, he's just not done yet.I still have to paint him.

A few hours later as I was checking up on Gloppy to see if he was drying okay, my husband entered the room at the same time and started singing the Ghost busters song. "If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood...."
Yeah, I know catchy song but come on IT"S GLOPPY!


Flair Factor said...

I love your invitation idea. They are too cute!

maritessb said...

ha ha ha your husband is funny. my first thought was java too. but you know what it must be the modern candyland right?

Sweet Treat Your BOdy said...

OMG! That is so cool!

Frost said...

Gloppy my favorite ahhahah

The Lewis's said...

that's too funny. i was literally playing candyland with my son not three hours ago, so maybe it's just because i'm looking at it fresh, but i immediately recognized it as gloppy. slimer works too i guess. good luck with the party- can't wait to see pictures!

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