Jan 18, 2009

Ahoy Matey-part1 Yer invited

Happy Monday!
This week I thought we could dedicate to just one particular theme. It's been popular for quite some time but remains a favorite for many.The Pirate party. It's a popular theme that offers many, many possibilities.

For starters, as always the invites. If you are anything like me, you will probably want to make them yourself. The easiest option, I would propose is to make treasure maps. You can find "old paper" at most paper/craft stores. Get savey with photo shop and print a treasure map, a compass and the Seas. The invitation can be worded with something like this...

Ahoy Matey
Won't you join us for a Swashbuckling Good Time
at Captain Jason's 5th Birthday
We set sail at 2:00pm
Chart yer course for
723 Davey Jones St.
RSVP by 1.20.09
or walk the plank!
You can also distress the invites: rip and maybe even burn the edges (be careful). Roll them up and tie them with some twine or ribbon.

However, if you are afraid of fire and not that crafty (no shame in that) check out what Birthday in a Box offers:

Now that is one easy way to set a theme! If you want something a little more chic, how about these from Plum Party.Another option is to have photo invitations made. Like these from Scrapless Press.
They are absolutely adorable! Make sure you get the complimenting Thank you notes while you are at it. Now we all know professionally printed invitations will involve a little extra time so get to planning and we will talk about the Captains Menu tomorrow. What do Pirates eat you ask...not sure but I' gonna look into it. Until then Matey!

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Brenda said...

Another option is to tea stain your invitations, rip the edges and ink the edges with a brown ink pad. This really gives a distressed look w/o the fear of burning yourself!

Natalie-Little Shindigs said...

Fantastic Tip, Thanks Brebda!
BTW...look out for some "Familiar" stuff this week:)

amy * stem * said...

I nominated you for a blog luv award today. Tag - you're it. (Don't kill me.)

Natalie-Little Shindigs said...

Thanks Amy! Wow an award and it's only Monday...it's going to be a good week:)

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