Feb 24, 2011

Barry Awesome (Throwback Thursday}

Is there still time for Throwback Thursday? I think so.

Now I know, I may loose a few of you here for the following statement but I completely stand by it. Copa Cabana is the best song. ever.  written.
Yeah...I said it. I LOVE this song.
I still remember being a kid and hearing it blasted on the radio. I wasn't listsenng to the lyrics at the time but I thought it was awesome.  I think Barry is fab for rocking it all these years and every time I hear it I think I really do need to find myself a huge feather and sequence head dress someday.

If you can stand it (I know not everyone is in to the arts) PLEASE watch the video to the end. You gotta see Barrys dancing moves. I use to practice those same dancing moves with my cousins......but thats another post.

So are you in to the Arts...Do you love Barry?

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