Feb 21, 2011

Hey There, Its a Monday Icebreaker

Trying a new thing. I am calling it the Monday Icebreaker. I want to commit myself to blogging more regularly and Mondays are the biggest challenge. Thought this might be light and fun and hope yo will join in. So here goes

If you could be any animal today what would it be and why?

I will go first.
...I would like be a Bear. I'd like to hibernate all morning and wake up to enjoy a delicious Picnic basket.

You see how easy that was!

okay-now it's your turn.

p.s. I promise never to ask you if you were a tree...
You are Rad if you know what I mean by that.


The Lewis's said...

Well, it's Wednesday now but I'm sure not too late to participate. I just put the kids to bed and am worn out physically and emotionally.

So I'd have to say an opossum because I'd love to just roll over and play dead right now and wait for all the stresses to go away! (Plus, I think they're kind of cute)

Jane (and Lou) said...

Oooh, it's Monday so I'll have to try a Monday ice-breaker on my blog too. Next week that is... mmmm no idea what animal I'd be. Maybe a leopard shark - they are very beautiful and graceful and kind of mysterious as no one knows where they spend most of their year. I'd like to be beautiful and graceful and be unaccountable to 6-9 month blocks! Janexx

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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